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Each project and customer is specific and therefore delicate and custom based approach is required. Beginning with current customer`s IT analysis & design and proceeding with implementation - each step is consulted and approved by customer.




The idea to establish the company has risen in financial crisis period as a tool how to help companies to better cope with crisis effects and at the same time how to prepare for upcoming appeals. The idea is to build modern, powerful and yet flexible IT infrastructure that consequently decreases cost and increases user comfort.



Virtua is independent company operating with the latest IT technologies. Integral part of services includes IT consultancy, analysis, design and implementation of latest IT technologies, security, networking, IT infrastructures, cloud computing, virtualization, remote PC administration.




The company itself consists of enthusiasts of modern IT technologies, having several years of experience within areas of consultancy and implementation in mentioned field of expertise. Integral part of it is security, networking and other related know how.